About Nim

Nim I was and still am a farmer’s daughter from a small village in  Thailand. I was picking fruit and planting rice until I was eighteen years old. I crazy to get to go to University and ended up starting a language school in Bangkok. I’ve enjoyed travelling to Africa and America and Nepal and some other places which are interesting but in the end I think you can’t find a better place on earth than a Thai village and I spend one week every month on my own organic village farm in Isaan, still picking fruit and planting trees. I started collecting country-style antiques when I was in college and then started helping renovate small properties in a Sukhumvit neighborhood where I know everyone and get all the gossip from the beauty salon every week. I like what Americans call “loft style” and I use wood from old houses and country antiques like you might find in a french restaurant but I upgrade everything with modern conveniences.

I’ve taught Thai to almost a thousand students, American and European and Japanese, and I have many old friends all over the world from this experience. I like helping people who share my style get started living in Thailand. If I have a property I’m working on that might fit what they need that would be very nice but if I don’t I’m still happy to talk to them and maybe help them find a good inexpensive place in my favorite Bangkok neighborhood, which is becoming very popular now with artists and NGO workers and other young people who want to live in a place that is safe and very convenient but still 99 percent Thai.

About Village in the City

Village in the City is a small real estate developer dedicated to the concept of “A Village in the City”, producing affordable modern living in an urban environment. We support neighborhood and community and think that the safest and happiest living is found in places where neighbors treat each other like the Thai village family. We think “exclusiveness” is just another word for pretense and fear. We like to see kids playing with their neighbors, it makes them better people.