A Thai village education center

Nim on a stroll with village kids, Bu Hua Chang

Nim, owner of villageinthecity.com,  is developing some property across the road from the local school  in our part-time, village, Bu Hua Chang, which is just about the nicest village I know of here in the kingdom (and I’ve been here a long time). Her plan is to open a little private education center there offering extra programs for kids with the support of volunteers and college students. This would be very low key and informal. But many things are done informally here and she knows how to do that especially in our village. Her idea is that some volunteers would be willing to come to Thailand perhaps for a few months, paying their own way and some small expense to live in the village and she would help set them up so that they would have an opportunity to both learn a lot and give a lot of their time and talent to these terrific kids.

In other words, it would be a sort of low-key Peace Corps without the bureaucratic hassle of the Peace Corps and time commitment of that organization.

Right now this is not all in place so we cannot offer any specific setup for you but we will keep your interest in mind and let you know how this advances.

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